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Why should most people consider a collaborative divorce?

| Oct 26, 2020 | Divorce |

If two people are going through a tumultuous divorce in Illinois, a collaborative divorce might be the last thing on their mind. They can’t imagine sitting down and having a calm, civil discussion with the person that they’re trying to get away from. It can be difficult, but collaborative divorce is actually a useful tool that can help people negotiate fair agreements and make the right decisions for their children.

What is a collaborative divorce?

When most people think of divorce, they typically imagine two people arguing in court. When a divorce goes to trial, it typically involves thousands of dollars in legal fees and lengthy court battles that go on for months. A collaborative divorce can help people avoid that financial and emotional expense.

A Collaborative divorce takes a team approach.  Each client hires an attorney with experience in mediation and trained in the Collaborative divorce process.  The other Collaboratively trained professionals that are involved in the process are the Financial Specialist, Child Specialist and Divorce Coach.  The members of the team meet at various times as needed to work through each of the issues of the divorce.  The clients control the process and the outcome with the result being happy clients who are very satisfied with the result.

In a successful Collaborative Divorce, the divorce process will be much cheaper, calmer and shorter. However, in the rare circumstance that the Collaborative process is unsuccessful, the professional team withdraws from the case and the parties will hire new attorneys as they get ready for trial.

Where can you go for help with a Collaborative Divorce?

Our attorneys are mediators who are also Collaborative Divorce attorneys.  The first step is to call or email one of our Collaborative attorneys to find out more about this option for most divorcing couples. You can find Collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals.