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What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce?

| Jan 30, 2020 | Family Law |

A collaborative divorce is a process where you and your attorneys agree not to go to court. Additionally, you use other professionals, such as financial experts and mental health professionals, to guide you through the process. The other professionals are there as part of a collaborative team to assist you and your spouse in getting information and cooperating through the entire process. 

In the clapper process, you have complete control over the process. That means you determine when the meetings are going to take place and determine whether or not you are going to agree to certain ideas. According to KeepOutOfCourt, you control whether or not the process will continue. 

Second of all, you are never going to hear from anybody. Why is that important? When someone says they are going to see you in court, that really means that their attorney is going to file some paperwork, your attorney’s going to have to respond to that, and that is going to be a really expensive process for everybody. When you go to court, finally, you are going to find that a judge is making the decision for you. 

It may seem having all those professionals in a room increases the cost versus litigation. But that is not actually true. In a collaborative divorce, there is a division of labor. Your financial expert is working on the financial aspect of the case, your coach is helping you with communication and your attorneys are providing you with the legal information that you need. 

So why is that important? Well, the financial expert is going through all of your financial information, not the attorneys. They are the experts in the field, and they could help process that information. Their fees are usually less than your attorneys, and you are splitting their fees with your spouse.