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Protect Your Home And Other Assets Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you past due on your house payments or car loan? Are you working but falling farther and farther behind on your debts? Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you the breathing room you need to save your home, save your car and climb out of debt.

The bankruptcy attorneys of Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C. have helped many people like you protect their assets and get back on financial track. We can determine if you qualify for Chapter 13 relief to get creditors off your back and reduce your debts.

Chapter 13 Stops Debt Collectors And Buys You Time

On the day that you file for bankruptcy protection, creditors must halt any collection efforts. Chapter 13 can help you:

  • Stop foreclosure! Save your home if your mortgage is in arrears.
  • Stop vehicle repossession! The bank can’t take your car or truck.
  • Stop wage garnishment! They can’t siphon your paycheck.
  • Stop creditor harassment! No more phone calls and threatening letters.

We know how stressful life can be when you are constantly worried about losing your home and how to pay your bills. Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers instant relief and true asset protection. And a path to a stable financial future.

You Can Pay Back Your Debts Over Time

Chapter 13 is a debt repayment plan. You pay off part of what you owe over 36 to 60 months (three to five years). The bankruptcy court determines one monthly payment, based on your realistic ability to pay. At the end of your plan, the remainder of your unsecured debts (such as credit cards and medical bills) are forgiven.

Chapter 13 is also known as a “wage earner plan.” It may be your best option if you earn too much to file for a Chapter 7 discharge or if you are determined to keep your home and other assets. If you can stay current with the house payments, Chapter 13 allows you to catch up on the mortgage arrears over time. You may also qualify to refinance your car loan through bankruptcy, if you owe more than the current market value.

Find Out If Chapter 13 Is Right For You

In Chapter 13, you do not forfeit any assets – you keep everything. Our experienced lawyers can help you decide if you are a good candidate for Chapter 13 relief. We will take immediate action to stop creditors, even if they have already initiated foreclosure, garnishment or repossession.

Call Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C. today at 847-784-8900 to arrange an initial consultation, or contact us online. Based in Northfield, we help people in Cook County, Lake County and greater Chicago.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.