Contemplating Divorce? Need to Create a Plan for the Future?
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A Brand New Day

With same-sex marriage now the law of the land, couples across the country are finally able to celebrate their right to be married. With that right, of course, also comes same-sex divorce.

At Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C., our Northfield area lawyers understand the unique family dynamics, good and bad, that can often accompany same-sex marriage. For that reason, you can turn to us to help you manage your marital needs, whether you are at the beginning of your marriage or you and your partner have decided to begin the next phase of your lives apart.

Decades Of Combined Experience

Our divorce and family law attorneys bring more than 110 years of combined experience to every matter we handle that involves same-sex marriage or divorce. Those years of experience provide us with the tested legal judgment you need to resolve questions concerning:

At Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C., our lawyers offer a full menu of legal options. We can tailor all of those options to your specific needs because our team takes the time to work with you individually. We want to know you so we can craft the legal solution your situation requires. We do not provide one-size-fits-all legal solutions because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all client.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Our experienced attorneys are trained mediators, litigators and collaborative divorce attorneys. We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and develop a personalized strategy that’s designed to meet your needs and get you the best outcome possible.

We look for answers and solutions rather than engaging in unproductive debates with opposing counsel. Let us help you through this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation by calling 847-784-8900 or sending us a message online.