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Co-parenting during the covid-19 holiday season

| Dec 15, 2020 | Covid |

Co-parenting can be difficult enough during the holiday season, but now it can seem even worse while we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and facing possible shut-downs. So how can divorced or divorcing parents ensure their children have fun during these restrictions?

There’s little likelihood that you will get court intervention, since most Judges won’t address emergency motions for parenting time so close to the start of the holidays. But this challenge is not insurmountable. There are some common-sense things that you can do.

First of all, talk to your children, if they are old enough, and explain how this holiday season will be a little different from the ones they enjoyed in the past. Emphasize that they will still have a lot of FUN!

If you already have a holiday schedule, try to stick with it as closely as you can, and avoid having the children be in large gatherings. Instead, schedule Zoom and face-time opportunities with grand-parents and other relatives. Watch holiday movies and keep your holiday traditions at home. We are close to having a vaccine and there will be many other holidays that the children can spend with extended family in person down the road.

Keep your cool no matter how difficult your co-parent can be. Working schedules out in advance and in detail with the children’s other parent is essential. It will take a bit more effort and flexibility on your part to make this a very enjoyable holiday season. But the smile on your children’s faces will make it all worthwhile.