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Losing a job and the likelihood of divorce

| Aug 1, 2020 | Divorce |

There are many hardships that arise when one loses their job, from financial problems to mental hurdles and career disruptions. All of these issues can place a significant amount of strain on a marriage and some married couples ultimately split up because of the difficulties they have to work through. Losing a job is often very stressful, but those who decide to get a divorce need to devote their time and energy into approaching the process properly.

Sometimes, job loss increases the likelihood of a couple splitting up, while unemployment decreases the chances of divorce in other circumstances.

Job loss among men and divorce

A study that was recently published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine examined the link between unemployment and the likelihood of divorce. This study noted that there are a number of potential reasons why unemployment among men is especially likely to lead to divorce. For example, research suggests that when some men lose their jobs, they face emotional hardships (such as losing their status as the “breadwinner”) and this can lead to divorce. On the other hand, many men postpone divorce or decide to stay in a marriage because they believe that their prospects of finding a new marital partner are low due to their financial challenges.

Focusing on divorce issues after losing a job

For many people, losing a job is an extremely difficult experience. That said, it is crucial to stay focused on divorce issues if you have decided to end your marriage. By taking the right approach to custody matters and other facets of divorce, many people are able to find a better outcome (which is especially important for those facing other serious hardships in life).