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Sharing children during the holidays requires planning and tact

| Oct 30, 2019 | Child Support And Custody |

Sharing custody of the children can be challenging any time of year. At the law office of Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C., we know that the holidays can be especially difficult for many single parents in Illinois. No matter how well you and your ex may get along, it can be stressful to manage holiday visitation schedules, not to mention the emotional ups and downs that you and your children are probably experiencing. It is even harder if you and your ex are on less favorable terms.

The Huffington Post points out that co-parenting during the holiday season is rarely easy, but it can be done with the right planning and mindset. The following tips can help make the upcoming holidays easier on you and your children:

  • If you and your ex can cooperate and negotiate with each other, consider being flexible on holidays and sharing the time with your children in ways that work for everyone.
  • If your interactions are more tense, a set visitation schedule – such as alternating years during each major holiday – may be better.
  • Create new traditions with your children. If your ex has them during one holiday, celebrate it with them on a different day.
  • Take time for yourself when it is your ex’s turn to have the children during a holiday. Your own emotional and physical well-being are also important.

An important part of the holidays is to create memories with your children. It does not matter which day you celebrate on as much as the special times you share with your family. Our child custody page explains more on sharing parenting time with your children and ex.