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Mediation can work for contentious divorces, too

| Jun 12, 2019 | Mediation And Collaborative Divorce |

You and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye, and that’s been further established by the animosity during your divorce. Every time you do one thing you believe will help, your estranged spouse seems to lash out at you in anger and vice-versa.

You may both actually want to talk to one another and work out a solution, but with such a hard time communicating, it may feel impossible. The good news is that those who are willing to meet and attempt to have a discussion can benefit from mediation.

One of the major causes of conflict during a divorce is allowing personal feelings to shut down communication. Perhaps the discussion goes off-track, turning into a fight over past digressions. Whatever the case may be, having a mediator present can help.

What will a mediator do for me?

One of the benefits of a mediator is that they’re not emotionally invested in your case. They want to see a positive outcome, but they aren’t rooting for either side to come out on top. Instead, they want to see you work together to resolve your disputes.

A mediator has the in-depth conflict resolution skills to help you discuss options and create decisions that will work for your family. They can also keep the conversation on track so that you talk about what needs to be said and nothing more. Over time, mediation can help you focus on problem solving directly instead of bickering or fighting over unrelated past events.

Everyone needs help from time to time. If you think mediation sounds like it would help you, your attorney can help you set up a time for a mediation session.