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Choosing mediation: An important option for divorcing couples

| Jan 11, 2019 | Mediation And Collaborative Divorce |

Many people don’t understand the importance of a collaborative divorce, mediation or arbitration. They believe that those services are only for people who want to work together to spend time resolving their issues or for parents or those with substantial assets.

However, mediation and collaborative divorces can be good for many couples who are splitting up. Mediation services, in particular, can help you and your spouse save money and time while going through divorce.

When people decide to end their marriage, they may be angry or frustrated with their spouses. That doesn’t mean that the divorce has to drag on. Even if you cannot agree on certain aspects of the divorce, mediation can help.

Why choose mediation?

If you and your spouse can agree to work together to resolve disputes, then mediation can save time and money. In mediation, a third party works with you to make sure you understand the way your actions will impact you in the future. This can help you make good decisions on how to divide property or on other factors in your divorce.

Mediators are not there to tell you the right way to resolve your divorce, so nothing they say or do will be binding. They are not there to take sides. Their job is to provide legal guidance to both spouses.

Choosing to resolve your divorce with mediation can make a difference in the cost of your divorce. Don’t drag out your divorce. With an experienced mediator, you and your spouse can resolve property division, support and child custody issues constructively and move forward with your lives.