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Addressing the financial anxieties of divorce

| Nov 29, 2018 | Divorce |

Among the things that can be sources of stress during a divorce are financial matters.

Feeling anxiety over money issues is pretty common here in the United States. A survey by the American Psychiatric Association found that over two-thirds of Americans report feeling somewhat or extremely anxious when it comes to their financial state.

And divorce is one of the things that can trigger such worries. A divorce generally greatly changes a person’s financial situation. For one, he or she goes from being in a combined financial household back to being on his or her own.

There are numerous divorce matters that can greatly impact what sort of financial situation a person comes out of a divorce in. This includes property division, spousal support and child support. What happens when it comes to such matters can have impacts long into a person’s future.

So, it is understandable that a divorcing individual could be feeling a lot of financial anxiety when it comes to the divorce and its various proceedings. It is important for divorcing individuals to know that they can take steps to address such worries.

Confusion and uncertainty can be major contributors to stress when it comes to money issues. So, being equipped with the right information and a plan on how to move forward could help divorcing individuals with combatting the financial anxiety of a divorce.

So, preparation and planning can be very important for a person when it comes to divorce legal issues touching on finances. Skilled family law attorneys can help divorcing individuals with such preparation. Such lawyers can help individuals understand their situation and rights regarding matters like spousal support, child support and property division and develop plans for addressing such matters in a way aimed at protecting their interests and goals.

Also, after a divorce is completed, a person may find it helpful to inventory what his or her new financial situation is given the events of the divorce and develop a new budget based on this information. This could help with avoiding unexpected surprises and keeping from getting off on the wrong foot financially after a divorce.